A Modernization Strategy for SPARC Users

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Upgrade to the Latest SPARC Infrastructure Delivered as-a-Service from ViON

SPARC has a long-standing industry reputation of reliability and performance. However, as agencies plan their paths to IT modernization, there is a debate over the need to increase performance and the hesitation to replace existing infrastructure - especially one with a trusted name. This is particularly critical as organizations consider how to implement resource-intensive applications like AI and data analytics while managing a host of structured data applications and without driving up costs.

Oracle is providing a new solution for SPARC users with the introduction of the Fujitsu SPARC M12, which provides mainframe-class reliability, improved performance and greater efficiency, with the flexibility of an as-a-Service financial model.
• 2.5 times more processing power than older SPARC servers
• Smaller footprint consolidates the data center, reducing costs
• Superior performance for ERP, BIDW, SCM, CRM, Big Data and Analytics workloads
• Reduced licensing and maintenance costs
• Hardware and Solaris 10 & 11 supported to 2040 and beyond
• Commitment to further chip enhancements

ViON's as-a-Service is making it easy to upgrade outdated SPARC hardware to the new M-12 chip delivering all of the advantages of refreshed technology with a manageable, "pay-as-you-go" consumption model that delivers:
• Predictable cost model
• Reduced up-front acquisition costs
• Charges only for resources used
• Optimized resources for greater efficiency

Let ViON help you modernize your SPARC environment with a solution that meets your financial, technology and business needs!


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    White Paper: a Modernization Strategy for SPARC Users

    Oracle is providing a new solution for SPARC users with the introduction of the Fujitsu SPARC M12, which provides mainframe-class reliability with the flexibility of an as-a-Service financial model. This paper examines the economic and performance advantages of upgraded SPARC technology and the flexibility of ViON’s as-a-Service model, which results in a lower total cost of ownership and improved efficiency.



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