Storage is the backbone of the data center and a major budget line item that can provide long-term value - if you find the right fit. What is the best path forward for long-term storage, back-up and disaster recovery that meets the strict budget and security requirements in government?

Quantum's robust tape-based architecture is a low-cost, high density option that is easy to expand and scale. Combining high-speed ingest, a low price point per terabyte and the security government agencies need, this long-term archive solution meets comprehensive compliance requirements and can be quickly deployed through ViON's flexible as-a-Service financial model.

Together Quantum and ViON help government agencies meet data management and compliance requirements for IT modernization while managing costs and increasing flexibility.


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Keeping Pace in a Data Driven World

What do the experts say about the possibilities of archive as-a-Service? Get practical advice in this Q&A that breaks down what you need to know to execute a future-proof archive strategy.






Why Archive as-a-Service Makes Good Sense

The Challenge of Data Management in the Federal Government - When you couple the pace of data growth with the requirements federal agencies have to maintain records, the challenges that IT leaders face in efficiently managing archives becomes clear. Archive as-a-Service.





ViON Cloud Solutions - Video

Join Us to hear our team of data and infrastructure experts discuss how agencies can evaluate storage solutions to better meet demands for accessibility, security and compliance now and into the future. Get practical advice for finding the right solution at the right price point that is practical for ongoing growth.